Sunday, 3 May 2009

Miltown - st

This little mini album is a total lost gem that seems destined to never be heard by anyone ever - which is a shame because I happen to think it is 'lovely stuff'. The main dude behind them Jonah Jenkins (wonderful name) seems to have a habit for singing in really good bands no one really cares about. He started off in Only Living Witness, a band destined to be lumped in with a load of shite macho metal hardcore bands due to the fact their name sounded too much like a Maximum Penalty, Biohazard, Fury Of Five, Skarhead kind of band. And they were on Century Media records, a label so unbelievably bereft of anything good I think my mother probably has better taste in music than them.

After the demise of said band - who were really not all that bad - old JJ formed Miltown who released a 7", this EP right here, recorded an album that was never released for a major label and then split up. No great story there really.

As was common for the time Miltown played post hardcore along the lines of Quicksand, Orange 9mm etc and did it pretty well. Not well enough to be very popular it would seem but there you go.

When this band went the way of the buffalo, Jonah (not the fucking idiot from Far) formed a band called Milligram who were similar but way more rock. They were also very good. There is very little I can add to this.

Miltown - st (Hydra Head 1997)

1. No Matter
2. Pop Culture Consequence
3. Delicate Fiction
4. Jumping Someone Else's Train (Cure cover)
5. Predatory Male
6. Tales Of Never Letting Go

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