Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bivouac - Derby & Joan

Oh to be 15 years old again with long hair, an old army jacket with Ned's Atomic Dustbin painted on the back and a far too big pair of para boots with tie dyed laces. Kids today have no idea about fashion.

Anyway when I was 15 I pretty much thought I would never be friends with anyone from a band I like, especially ones that had records out and stuff. Now being a 31 year old with David Bowie's phone number in my phone I obviously look back and laugh at how silly I was back then. Bivouac, being from the Derby and Nottingham area where I lived, seemed a little more within reach than Ned's Atomic Dustbin who lived way over in Stourbridge so it would be ironic that the only time I ever saw Bivouac was supporting Ned's at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. I even shouted at the lead singer Paul when he was setting up like he was my mate or something. He wasn't, he didn't have a clue who the weird looking kid in the Therapy? t-shirt was. Well 15 years on from that I can now say that Paul from the band is my friend and definitely has no recollection of either that gig or me shouting at him. Hopefully he won't mind me posting up this record. If you're reading this Paul and you do mind, I will buy you a Guinness next time I see you, which hopefully isn't too long away.

'Derby & Joan' is a collection of the first two Bivouac 12 inches, ABC and Slack, which both did pretty well in the NME indie charts if I remember rightly. Way, way out of print these days along with most of the other Bivouac stuff.

Bivouac - Derby & Joan

1. ABC
2. Fishes
3. Stick Stuck
4. Me, Ted & Charles
5. Slack
6. Twold
7. Two Sticks

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