Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Killingtons - American Made

Yet another completely overlooked gem of a band - The Killingtons came from California and probably suffered from having a bit of an identity crisis when they first appeared. For a start the name is pretty fucking rubbish and then they seemed to get lumped in with a load of dodgy ska punk bands on compilations featuring third rate Operation Ivy rip offs like Link 80 and Jeffries Fan Club. So they were probably doomed from the outset to remain unloved and unknown, playing gigs in Armpit, Arizona on a Tuesday night supporting Mustard Plug.

Far from playing bad punk music mixed with even worse ska music The Killingtons actually played awesome indie rock with a hint of a shoegaze influence. This EP, their debut release, is a little punkier than their self titled album and subsequent mini album but still contains all the elements that I love about them. The opening song 'American Made' kicks off in an almost pop punk way but the other two songs slow down the pace a little and show the direction they were heading for their album. If anybody likes what they hear I can hook you up with their other stuff, just give me a holler.

After the demise of this band the singer is now in The Secret 6 who carry on in a very similar vein. They have just put up a free download of their new single so here's the link for that as well.

The Secret 6 - Breaking Down mp3

The Killingtons - American Made

1. American Made
2. Ventolin (Breathe)
3. Crawl Space

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