Thursday, 19 February 2009

Les Thugs - As Happy As Possible

Fine wine, good food and Les Thugs - 3 French contributions to popular culture. I am a fan of all 3. So much so that last time I went on holiday to France I endeavoured to eat in a restaurant owned by that famous French gastronome Sid Owen AKA Ricky Butcher from Eastenders.

It was a particularly bad meal. As you may have guessed. Bloody Ricky!

Here's Les Thugs' double album from 1993 'As Happy As Possible' to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. It's a bit of a sprawler, but stick with it and check out songs like 'Admen' 'Looking In Your Eyes' and 'You Wanna Die' - awesome stuff. So popular it was released by Sub Pop, Vinyl Solution and Roadrunner, those sneaky Frenchies!

Les Thugs - As Happy As Possible (Sub Pop 1993)

1. As Happy As
2. Papapapa
3. Biking
4. Harpo's Theme
5. Horror Toys
6. Admen
7. August
8. Dreamer's Song
9. (Omar Feels Fear In Weimar)
10. Flags
11. Monkey 58 Strings Sonics Fly
12. You Wanna Die
13. (Maria Cries In Lima)
14. Looking In Your Eyes
15. Immigrés Clandestins
16. Desert Days
17. (Wang Leaves China)

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  1. *uckin'great band!! Thx a lot for post and rapids:))