Saturday, 16 May 2009

Maxeen - Hello Echo

This is a total guilty pleasure for me really, Maxeen are just super polished pop punk probably aimed at kids who have just started puberty and think Good Charlotte are old school punk. But in all honestly they write some absolutely amazing songs, seriously. There are 4 songs on here that I think I could play on constant rotation and not get bored with them - trust me, the lyrics may be cheesy and it may all sound a bit too slick and polished but 'Seconds Later', 'Block Out The World', 'Hurry Up And Wait' and 'Don't Make No Sense' are just incredible songs.

This is their second album which they recorded after signing to Warner Bros, and in typical major label fashion was never properly released because they didn't know how to market it - too new wave for the little kids and too poppy for the punks.

I think I like them so much because it is pretty obvious the band just want to be The Police and in my book that is no bad thing at all!

Maxeen - Hello Echo

1. Loud As War
2. Love Goes A Long Way
3. Seconds Later
4. Beautiful Disease
5. Let Go
6. Don't Make No Sense
7. Replace Us
8. Hurry Up And Wait
9. Stay
10. Echolalia
11. Block Out The World


  1. Might upload the disc again, because not find it on any side ... please, thank you ...