Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Swiz were a great band right? Too ruddy right! What do you mean you've never heard them? Well get on the case forthwith. You can download their first demo free of charge from the Jade Tree Records website.

When you've finished doing that come back and download this album by a band called Hacksaw - well probably one of the million bands called Hacksaw. This particular Hacksaw come from Toronto and kick out the jams in a similar style to the aforementioned Swiz. Well that's what I thought but listening to this CD again it doesn't actually sound a great deal like Swiz, they actually sound a lot more similar to the band Bluetip. Who incidently feature Swiz guitarist Jason Farrell, so my initial appraisal wasn't completely off the mark.

This album contains 10 tracks, and from the liner notes it would appear the first 6 were released in 1999 and the final 4 released in 1997 so you could say it is a compilation of sorts. The final 4 songs do sound like Swiz - A LOT! Needless to say these are the standouts on the album, the first 6 being a bit more mid paced and not half as exciting. So my advice to you would be to download the album, skip to track 7 and go back to the beginning when you've had enough of having your ears abused.

Hacksaw (SpectraSonicSound 2000)

1. Kiss the ground
2. L'arme fatale
3. Dirty clothes
4. On the road to crime
5. Got paid
6. Welcome to Deseronto
7. Kick it
8. Lied to myself
9. Without living
10. A million times



  1. yep, the "kick it" 7" is great (tracks 7 to 10). it was put out on great american steak religion by yanick (of his hero is gone, tragedy, union of uranus). 7" is the best. demo is ok. apart from that, not as fantastic. vicious live around the demo/7" era...