Monday, 2 February 2009

Lemonheads - Paint mp3

As much as I prefer the Ben Deily era Lemonheads stuff there is no denying that Evan Dando has penned a few corkers in his much publicised career as crack addled, Smash Hits poster boy who liked to hang around with Oasis for a bit. This little gem is buried in the long deleted 'Favourite Spanish Dishes' EP - which, apart from this particular song is a bit of throwaway filler no doubt released by Atlantic to bide some time before the release of 'Lovey'. Whoever at the record label heard the New Kids On The Block cover and thought it was anything more than a waste of studio time and money really does deserve to have their ears ripped off - it is truly dire.

'Paint' however is a great little pop punk song about an old shop that isn't open anymore and ranks up there with 'Clang, Bang, Clang', 'Stove' and 'Confetti' as one of Dando's finest.

Lemonheads - Paint mp3

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  1. Adz, you are high off your ass. This is my favourite 'Heads record (apart from the new one). You gots, Paint, Ride With Me AND a storming version of Different Drum.