Saturday, 17 January 2009

Love Cup

I know next to nothing about Love Cup - and to be quite honest, after 15 years of listening to them, I don't really think it matters anymore, they were just some smalltime band from Illinois who made some great music that hardly anybody listened to. That's all there is to it. However I always prefer it when a blog entry has a bit of blurb on it so I will ramble on for a couple more paragraphs and then you can get on with it.

I first heard Love Cup on a bargain basement compilation CD called 'Dead End Destiny' put out by Rough Trade in about 1993. It's well worth picking up this comp if you can find it - along with Love Cup it also features stuff like Mule, Cell and Honeymoon Killers. It's a compilation of also-rans basically, but in my experience the also-rans normally always have the best tunes. Love Cup's contribution 'Tearing Water' was most definitely the standout song though - catchy and hook filled, my 15 year old self gave it plenty of airtime.

A couple of years later perusing through the bargain bins of my local record shop (Way Ahead Records in Derby for those who care) I stumbled upon Love Cup's full length CD, it looked pretty shoddy and had a stupid title but for a couple of quid I thought I may as well give it a shot. Aside from the fact that it was distributed by Cargo I am pretty surprised this album managed to make it across the pond and into a provincial record shop in the East Midlands. On 12 Inch Records, which was run by the dude from Poster Children (another unsung band from the mid 90s), 'Greefus, Groink and Sheet' (yes, that really is the title) takes the template from 'Tearing Water' - catchy grunge/indie rock - and adds a bit more of a shoegazery element to the mix. Have a listen for yourself, I've added the album and also the 'Tearing Water' tune from the comp (which it turns out was a 7" record). So start off with that and go from there.

There's a bit more info on 12 Inch Records from the label owner himself here - it features a bit of bumpf about the two Love Cup releases as well.

Love Cup - Tearing Water mp3

Love Cup - Greefus, Groinks and Sheet (12 Inch Records 1993)

1. Entirely Made of Wood
2. Billfershort
3. Even When I Sleep
4. Nothing In Particular
5. Hi Pazoo
6. Heroine
7. Beloit
8. Green Machine & Scientifically Yours


  1. Absolutely legendary band where I'm from in Illinois. I have their 7" (both tracks) and a ton of unreleased stuff by them (including the demo they sent to Warner Brothers that they recorded on a boombox). If you want it just message me.

    But great post is the general point I was making. Totally under looked group.

  2. F**k yeah! Thanks for this - had only heard Tearing Water which is a ripping track.