Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sloan - Amped mp3

Sloan are hardly an obscure band but they are definitely one that don't get half the credit they deserve. When they first signed to Geffen in the midst of the post Nirvana boom they got a pretty big push in the UK. The 'Underwhelmed' single was all over the place and selling for 99p a pop. I'd never heard of them but a 12" for 99p with a bunch of long hairs in flannel shirts on Geffen can't be half bad right?

The title track was the one that instantly caught my attention - a catchy pop song with a bit of grunge fuzz added to it and a pretty moronic set of lyrics. I went out the next week and bought it's accompanying album 'Smeared' and even their next single 'I Am The Cancer' (which is a gem of a tune), also retailing at that pocket money enticing 99p price point.

After that, the fuss died down and it seemed that Sloan records were no longer worth shipping over to the UK. Geffen promptly dropped them when they failed to 'break big' and Sloan went onto better things, well artistically anyway, they sell practically zero records outside of their native Canada.

I don't very often dig out 12" records - I'm a busy man I've better things to do than flip a record over after 5 minutes - but for some reason a few years ago I dug out 'Underwhelmed' and realised that Sloan had only gone and buried one of their best songs on the B-Side. 'Amped' is a 3 minute blast of pop-punk that gives even Lemonheads a run for their money in the summertime indie rock anthem stakes.

Sloan - Amped mp3


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