Monday, 13 July 2009

Kill Creek - St. Valentines Garage

I picked this album up merely for the fact it was dirt cheap and in the punk section of the record shop. I had no idea who the band were or what they sounded like, and on first listens I did not like. Not one bit. Luckily for me I grew out of only liking music recorded by people with big shorts, backwards caps and Airwalks and this record seemed to be on hand when I realised the new Pennywise record pretty much sounded exactly the same as the last one, and the one before that.

Kill Creek actually seemed to be doing the rounds on the indie circuit for quite a bit of time, releasing 3 albums and a retrospective CD which are all handily available at their webpage here. 'St Valentine's Garage' is their first album and, in my opinion, by far their best. Whereas their later stuff slowed down and mellowed out, this album is filled with self loathing, hate and repressed anger. Seriously, check the lyrics of songs like 'Busted', 'Gett On' and 'Kelly's Dead' - the guy sure does have some issues with the opposite sex. Maybe he ironed them out after this record and settled down with a wife and kid but there is something really fucked about this album that I love.

Kill Creek - St Valentine's Garage (Mammoth Records, 1994)

1. Cosmetic Surgery
2. Busted
3. Stretch
4. Mother's Friends
5. Gett On
6. Kelly's Dead
7. Seven-Eleven
8. Killing
9. Fruit Pie
10. Million
11. Harass
12. Wuss Cliff
13. Die Young
14. Funeral

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