Monday, 13 July 2009

Alligator Gun - Onehundredpercentfreak

Oh man, this is a beauty. Absolutely ripping pop punk from mid 90s Milwaukee released on the same record label as Sick Of It All, Steve Vai and Tigertailz! No wonder this band disappeared quicker than a pork pie at a Weight Watchers meeting. It would seem psuedo major label Relativity tried to cash in on the pop punk boom of the mid 90s with this release but failed miserably, Alligator Gun were just not immediate enough to appeal to the MTV types looking for a new Offspring. It takes a few listens for the beauty of songs like 'Countdown by Fives' and 'Hundred Year Stare' to really sink in but once they do you will not get bored of them - believe me, I have been listening to this album for nearly 15 years now and I still put 'Countdown By Fives' in my playlists.

Alligator Gun - Onehundredpercentfreak (Relativity Records, 1995)

1. From The Top Of My Lung
2. Sinker
3. Lowell
4. Hundred Year Stare
5. Cut To Fit
6. Countdown By Fives
7. Johnson
8. Gantner
9. Strange That I Have Not
10. Curfew
11. Flinch
12. Square One
13. I Told You So

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  1. Oh man I had the tape of this in 8th grade. This cassette got me into listening to the promise ring (which the bassist ended up joining tpr in later albums) which in turn got me out of stone temple pilots type crap and into punk, and indie etc. Grreat album!