Monday, 13 July 2009

Freewill - Sun Return

For some reason this record never got an official release. Wishingwell Records had planned to release it, and there are a few test presses doing the rounds, but for reasons I cannot remember anymore it never saw the light of day until the infamous German rip off label Lost & Found saw fit to release it sometime in the mid 90s. Around the same time, in fact, that the band actually took the original tapes for the album and re-recorded the vocals and the bass tracks with a new bass player and released a vastly inferior version of the album under the name Stone Telling. Confused?

This is the definitive version of the album - it's total, total Dag Nasty worship. If this had been released after 'Field Day' with the name Dag Nasty on it they would've gotten away with it - it is that blatant. But it's a straight edge hardcore record, where things like originality and innovation do not exist. And the tunes are actually, really fucking good.

Freewill - Sun Return (Wishingwell Records)

1. Almost Again
2. For Times
3. I Can't Stand To See You
4. Disappear Here
5. Always
6. Every Breath
7. Easy
8. Shine
9. Reach
10. Nothing Lasts

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  1. THanks for the upload, but I vastly prefer the demo versions of those songs. I don't suppose you have those and would be willing to send me a copy. I was a big fan of FW back i nthe late 80's (saw them do a show in some guy's backyard once) but lost their demo tape along the way at some point.


    Brian (at)